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Shiloh Massive Joins The Team

Kolaboration Ventures Acquires Massive Creations to Bolster Genetic Line-Up and Further Differentiate the KVC Platform

Kolaboration Ventures (KVC) announces and welcomes Neil Smith, known as Shiloh Massive, as their new Head Breeder to further differentiate the KVC Vertical Platform. Shiloh will lead the breeding and genetics program for KVC, focusing on consumer palettes for world-class flowers, as well as for world-class extracts in both the Solventless and Fresh Frozen premium products and brands.

Shiloh comes from the historic cannabis culture of Mendocino County, where he has been in the cannabis industry for over 25 years. Shiloh’s love, knowledge, and experience will guide the creation of new genetics to support the vertical platform of Kolaboration Ventures.

"The true art of breeding lies not only in the selection of the finest specimens but also in the profound connection between the breeder's soul and the very essence of the plant. Joining the Kolaboration Ventures' team enables the retail platform to offer farm direct strains as unique as our customers, thanks to the cutting-edge infrastructure now supporting our breeding process," said Neil Smith "Shiloh Massive", Massive Creations.

KVC is also excited to share some of these exclusive Massive Creation genetics with "breeder cut" clones offered at all the Farm locations. Massive Creations' genetics will be introduced and highlighted across the KVC Platform and Brand Portfolio, including CoCo Farms, Pacific Reserve, Rio Vista Farms, Ole' 4 Fingers, MyBlueDove, and Don Primo.

Originally Published on Newswire

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