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Kolaboration Ventures


Kolaboration Ventures Corporation (KVC) is one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in California, which is also the largest cannabis market in the country. What began as an idea in May 2017 led to us opening our first operation in June 2018 and taking our team on the path to KVC.


KVC strives to become the most important company in the California cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms in the State.


Employing a consumer-packaged goods (“CPG”) approach to cannabis, KVC’s house of brands and products are designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and includes some of the most recognized and trusted California brands including Pacific Reserve, Farms Brand, Rio Vista Farms, and Ole’4 Fingers.

RIo Vista Nursery_1.jpg

Cannabis Licenses

  • Retail Licenses 10

  • Cultivation - Indoor Flower 10,000 sq ft

  • Cultivation - Light Assisted Greenhouse Flower 124,500 sq ft with an additional 425,000 sq ft to come online end of 2022

  • Cultivation - Nursery 60,000 plus an additional 50,000 sq ft to come online end of 2022

  • Cultivation - Outdoor

  • Breeding Program and Genetics Library

  • Manufacturing Facilities 5

  • Distribution Licenses 6

  • Processing Licenses 2

Products for the People

Rooted in the goal to exceed the customer’s expectations for each product level, format and price, KVC has implemented a CPG strategy to cultivate, manufacture and distribute a differentiated portfolio of brands that are aligned to distinct audiences, and product formats.


This approach allows us to best deliver on different consumer segment expectations, and exceed the consumer needs of today while planning for future market demands.

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PR Brands Product Collage (2).jpg
Farms Brand Horizontal Navy Logo-01.png

Pacific Reserve – Everything begins with the plant. Whether you will be using it for packaged flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, topicals, etc… Pacific Reserve offers our most popular, potent, consistent strains, and their derivatives in a wide variety of product forms at dispensaries and retail locations across California.

Farms Brand – Farms Brand is a demonstration of the cannabis plant's highest potential. We select strains with exclusive, proprietary genetics, nurture them with masterful cultivation techniques, and harvest and trim it all by hand.

Ole’4 Fingers – Ole’4 Fingers is quality cannabis, and products available in a number of sizes and formats. Our buds are expertly grown, lab-tested and available in vape carts, vape pens, flower, pre-ground flower, gummies, popcorn, and concentrates. Whether you’re a fan of sativa, indica or hybrid, you’ll always have cannabis on hand with Ole’4 Fingers.

Rio Vista Farms – Firmly rooted on the Sacramento delta in Rio Vista, Rio Vista Farms is one of California’s premier indoor cultivators delivering premium cannabis flowers. Our team of master cultivators hand select the finest genetics and tailor our small-batch to each cultivar’s unique feeding, watering and light intensity. This facility leverages our inhouse LED fixtures to deliver the best spectrum to produce sophisticated, terpene rich products that invoke robust, one-of-a-kind experiences for our friends and community at an affordable price.

Mission Nurseries - This facility is dedicated to producing the highest quality branded SuperClones™ as well as teen plants and ready-to-flower plants for licensed CA cultivators.

My Blue Dove - Our branded kosher cannabis products line is focused on the highest quality products with a value-pricing strategy.

Don Primo - Our ultra-premium retail line is the best of our best. The branded line includes flower, concentrates, cooking infusions, and edibles.

Black & White Widow - Our newest line of infused prerolls and infused blunts. They are made from our ultra-premium flower. 

Canna-Lean THC Tincture - A 1000 mg THC Cannabis Tincture made with a fast-acting formula. This is perfect for the "mega-dose" user.

Comfort CBD - A tincture made for furry loved ones. It's made with wild cod liver oil which gives it an appealing flavor that your dog or cat would enjoy.

Nitecapzz - These tinctures are made with Melatonin for that user who is having trouble sleeping. It is made with great sleep in mind!

Happy Daze - Happy Daze is one of our new lines of delicious and refreshing cannabis beverages.

Buzzies - Our new pack of 5 infused prerolls. Each is made with our ultra-premium flower and rolled around in kief.

Kitchen Gourmet - Creating infused dishes has always been challenging, but not with Kitchen Gourmet. Made with grapeseed oil and natural ingredients, Kitchen Gourmet is the new, natural solution.

Livin Solventless - This in-house brand uses Fresh Frozen flower for our rosins and dried flower for our bubble hash. The flower comes from Pacific Reserve and Rio Vista Farms. 

Flashback - Flashback is an in-house brand focused on high-end infused and concentrate products. Representing a special era in Cannabis. 


The Farm Shopping Experience

Farm Brand Retail Locations – The Farm is a new kind of cannabis shop that feels a lot like the first shops to enter California.


They present a safe and approachable retail experience with each customer having their own bud-tender to answer customer questions, and assist both the new cannabis consumer as well as the experienced. Bright, welcoming and convenient.


Each of our stores serves as a hub to help new and existing consumers broaden their understanding of cannabis, and products.


Our friendly staff is dedicated to helping each guest discover their individual path to harness this plant to meet their needs, and are true advocates for cannabis and all the wonderful things it can do.

More Farm Brand Stores are coming soon!

Davis Farms - WHITE Horizontal Logo.png

Visit a Farm Store Near You

Retail Locations:

You can shop and order Ahead at all of our locations:

Rio Vista Farms 

(833) 424-4283 

11 Richard Brann Drive, Rio Vista, CA 94571




CoCo Farms (Antioch)

(833) 424-4283

3400 Wilbur Ave, Antioch, CA 94509



VTown Farms

(707) 277-1886

5184 Sonoma Blvd Suite 300, Vallejo, CA 94589



Valley Farms

(408) 484-6290

1610 Moffett St Suite A, Salinas, CA 93905



Del Rey Farms

(831) 709-1440

800 Portola Dr. Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940



PR Farms

(831) 887-0180

1051 41st Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062




CoCo Farms (Concord)

(925) 271-9278

2366 Stanwell Circle, Concord CA 94520



Tracy Farms


951 N. Central Avenue, Tracy, CA 95376


Davis Farms

(530) 377-0584

946 Olive Dr. Davis, CA 95616


More locations are coming soon!

Wholesale Distribution

With a portfolio consisting of an ever-growing list of products and SKUs, KVC products are sold in over 300 dispensaries across California.


KVC has consistently demonstrated the ability to place its branded products on the shelves of most dispensaries. 

The CPG and wholesale strategy enables us to maximize its points of distribution and drive revenue growth independent of the expansion of its retail presence.


We prioritize wholesale in order to reach as many consumers as possible, accessing the scaled benefits of a Statewide footprint.

Licensed retailers can easily upgrade their selection, quality and value with every order through our wholesale team at Pacific Reserve Brands

CoCo Blaze V3 SQUARE-01.png
store farm DSC00330.jpg

Unparalleled Speed to Market

KVC has repeatedly proven its ability to seamlessly enter new markets, become operational, move products to market, and start taking market share faster than its competitors.

KVC’s unparalleled speed to market was evident in Rio Vista, where KVC was not only the first cultivator approved and the first product to market, but also opened the first dispensary.


In Antioch, KVC was the first company to have a dispensary approved and opened within a day of any other shop. This is not your average dispensary. CoCo Farms has a diverse and loyal customer base  which quickly turned into a phenomenal product feedback loop due to the sheer volume of transactions, and engaging customers. CoCo Farms Antioch to this day is one of the busiest dispensaries in the State of California.


Whether it is product skus, product formats, manufacturing or packaging… Our dedicated team of employees operate with urgency and discipline to bring products to the market from concept to State tested and retail ready as quickly as possible.

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