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Kolaboration Ventures Announces Record Q1 2023 & 420 Performance.

Martin Wesley

May 15, 2023

Kolaboration Ventures delivers on verticalization and demonstrates that KVC's focus and approach are winning customers and the market. 24% EBITDA combined with a 66% Gross Margin for Q1 2023 is a clear indicator that KVC's approach is the right one in highly competitive cannabis markets.

RIO VISTA, Calif., May 15, 2023 ( - RIO VISTA, 

CA - Kolaboration Ventures has been marching to the vertical 

integration drum for 18 months, and the benefits and 

performance clearly validates the vision the Directors laid out 

in 2021.

KVC has achieved scale, efficiencies, and breadth in its 

product portfolio that will enable a "steady state" minimum 

20% EBITDA month in and month out for the balance of 2023. 

KVC's EBITDA and GM numbers continued to improve over the past 12 months. The table below demonstrates sustained and considerable improvement. 

March '23 Q1 '23 TTM 

Revenue $4,411,335 $12,412,845 $47,801,431 Gross Margin $3,297,801 $8,189,279 $26,977,549 GM % 74.8% 66.0% 56.4% Operating Expense $2,039,100 $5,782,181 $23,986,183 Operating Income $1,258,701 $2,407,098 $2,991,365 Net Profit $1,094,307 $1,739,149 ($1,165,681) EBITDA $1,448,140 $2,962,767 $5,532,289 EBITDA % 32.8% 23.9% 11.6% 

*Reviewed, but not audited numbers.

April 20th, 2023 / 420 Update:

The KVC Retail Platform performed amazingly during the run-up to 420 and shattered all critical numbers year over year. We believe this is the litmus test to demonstrate that our customer service and approach to selection is winning the market. 

420 YoY Improvement 

Customer Transactions Up 57% 

Gross Collections Up 33% 

# of Storefronts Beating 2022 420 Revenue All Storefronts New/First Time Customers Up 34% 

Average Cart Size Down 12% 

"We believe our formula to competitive cannabis markets will enable KVC to continue to expand and win up and down the State '' at scale, and when appropriate, take our platform with all the products, brands and infrastructure to dominate smaller cannabis markets like Florida, New York and Illinois". said Martin Wesley, CEO of Kolaboration Ventures Corporation.

About Kolaboration Ventures Corporation 

Kolaboration Ventures Corporation (KVC) is one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in the largest cannabis market in the country: California. KVC strives to become the most important company in the California cannabis landscape by combining its strategic cultivation footprint with its leading retail, manufacturing, and distribution platform. Employing a consumer packaged-goods ("CPG") approach to cannabis, KVC's house of brands and products is designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments. It includes some of the most recognized and trusted California brands, including CoCo Farms, Pacific Reserve, Farms Brand, Rio Vista Farms, Canna-Lean, Don Primo, and Ole'4 Fingers. 

Originally Published on Newswire

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